About Switchman Sleepin'

Switchman Sleepin' in a nutshell is a party. Not too fancy, not too flashy, but great at getting people dancing where ever they play. Formed in 2012 and based in Fort Collins, Colorado, the band has steadily built a loyal and devoted fanbase. Switchman has played all over Colorado, headlining at venues such as the Aggie Theatre, Hodi's Halfnote, Quixote's, Owsley's Golden Road, The Artery and more. 

The Switchman Sleepin' vibe always puts a smile on people's faces. Seven musicians with a huge passion for the Grateful Dead spreading the love! 

Dana Harris – Guitar / Vocals
Steven Wayne Cobb- Guitar / Vocals
Dave Levy – Drums / Vocals
Chuck Grewe – Bass
Lauren Parsons - Vocals
Dave Wisbon – Keyboards / Vocals